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9 Top Jobs Where You Can Work Overseas (Europe and Worldwide)

Whether you have experience in a particular industry or want to try something new, you might want to consider working overseas. There are many opportunities for paid work abroad.

Some people can be hesitant to look for these opportunities because they don’t know which industries would be the most successful. But, traveling out of the U.S. for work can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. This guide will cover some of the best jobs abroad for English speakers.

Building your career doesn’t mean you need to stay in the United States. In fact, you may have even more success overseas. This is because more companies are global operations. They are looking for hard workers and English-speaking individuals to fill positions.

If you think you can’t make money overseas, that’s not true. Because these businesses are so eager to hire quality workers, many of them also pay quite well. Some overseas positions are incredibly lucrative.

Whether you want to work for an American company abroad or an international business that is growing fast, it’s important to know which jobs are right for you. You wouldn’t want to choose an industry that is on its way down. But, if you do select the right career than your path overseas can be successful, and you’ll be able to travel while enjoying the line of work you’re in.

Where Can a U.S. Citizen Work Abroad?

There are many reasons U.S. citizens choose to work abroad. It’s an excellent opportunity for young people who want to do some world traveling and experience adventure. It’s also an excellent option for those who want to work remotely. If you have a job, you can do from anywhere, working overseas means you can travel wherever you’d like, as often as you’d like.

Of course, some people want a regular, daily job. You can find those abroad as well. It’s all a matter of knowing where to look and what type of jobs you should be looking for. The most important parts of working overseas are finding a safe location and an industry that will continue to see growth.

Thankfully, many options fall under both of those conditions. Let’s take a look at a few of the best working abroad opportunities.

  1. Lawyer

You’ve probably heard law students and those interested in the legal system talk about international law. Maybe you’re interested in it as well. But, do you know what it consists of? Your best option for being a lawyer on an international level is to work with overseas companies. Being a transactional lawyer is the fastest way to do this.

Because global companies need qualified legal teams that represent them across the world, they often look for American lawyers. Chances are, they’ll want to do business in American. Having a U.S. citizen who speaks fluent English is an asset to these companies. Because of this, it can be reasonably easy to get a job as a transactional lawyer overseas.

jobs abroad with accommodation

If you do choose to practice law abroad, you’ll need to take the Foreign Service Exam. It can be a tough test, and according to the New York Times, most people end up failing it the first time. Don’t let that discourage you. After all, the fewer people who can pass the exam, the less competition for you. The best way to study to become an international lawyer is to stay up to date on world events and politics. You’ll do better on exams like this if you have a general understanding of international law.

Lawyers on the international level can make around $80,000 each year. It’s a wonderful opportunity to make a difference for international businesses and represent the United States at the same time.

  1. Software Developer

Sometimes, learning a new ‘foreign’ language isn’t the best way to land a job overseas. Instead, learning a programming language can be a more secure way of getting a job abroad. Software development is a vast industry that shows continued growth.

There are two big reasons this is an excellent opportunity for international work. First, many software developers can enjoy the freedom of working remotely. For a younger generation that wants to travel, this means you can see the world while having a fulltime job. It might not be the easiest thing to start a company on your own. But, once you have a client base, you can work anywhere and don’t have to answer to a boss or supervisor.

If you do want to work for a company, you may still have the opportunity to work in another country. The second reason for this is because most tech-based companies are always looking to expand. Places like Palo Alto and Silicon Valley are still known as the hub of the tech industry.

But, more companies are starting to realize that they’ll never see continued success if they don’t grow their market. So, they’re starting to reach out on a global scale. But, they still need American workers to keep things running, even overseas. If you work for a tech company you love, find out what their international reach is like. You may be able to get a job in a different country developing new software programs.

  1. Technology Evangelist

Maybe you haven’t heard of this particular position. But, if you’re passionate about the tech industry, it could be the perfect job for you. Essentially, being a technology evangelist means you get to travel the world talking about different technological platforms.

Most tech evangelists work for specific companies. It’s their job to convince different businesses around the world to use that company’s tools and resources. Industry giants like Microsoft, Google, and Apple all hire technology evangelists to work with global companies. The goal is to get more and more people to use these various platforms on a worldwide scale. There are plenty of technology evangelists in the United States. But, when a company can branch out to the rest of the world, they can start to see endless success.

This is a job that is going to see continued growth over the next few years. Places like China and India are hot spots for American-based tech companies. Since more companies want to leave a footprint in countries like these, they’ll send out more technology evangelists to do so. It’s a great way to travel the world, meet new people, talk about tech, and make a six-figure income depending on the company you work for.

Where can I work abroad with little experience?

  1. Professional Chef

Some of the best American chefs find work overseas because they study different types of international cuisine. In fact, if you want to make yourself known as a chef in today’s industry, it’s practically a necessity to do some international studying/work. Some programs can only be found in specific areas of the world.

Programs in France, Beijing, and Switzerland are widely known for producing some of the best chefs in the world. When chefs train and study in places like these, they often become so passionate about the cuisine that they stay there to work.

Other professional chefs have found success in bringing American fare abroad. This is a job that you can do from anywhere, and you’ll always have security – everyone will still need to eat! Global influencing on food is becoming more popular than ever, no matter where you choose to cook in the world.

It is a fast-paced job and can be considered highly stressful. But, for those who love to cook, there is nothing better than being a professional chef in a high-class establishment. Chefs can make upwards of $90,000 each year. Regardless of whether you want to cook global cuisine or bring American culture somewhere else, finding the right overseas training can land you a great job abroad.

  1. Healthcare

People need quality healthcare all over the world. If you’re a primary caregiver like a doctor or nurse, you can practice medicine just about anywhere. It tends to be a universal language. Even if you’re unfamiliar with other cultures, medicine remains the same.

The healthcare industry is one that will continue to grow thanks to advancements in technology. These advancements aren’t just being made in the United States, but all over the world. On top of that, people will always need help with illnesses, conditions, injuries and more.

The best part is that you don’t necessarily need a medical degree to be involved in worldwide healthcare. Entry-level positions like phlebotomy can be a great place to start. People will always need their blood to be drawn for various tests.

So, qualified phlebotomists are needed overseas. You can become a certified phlebotomist in less than a year (if you don’t take a 3-year degree). But, if you do choose to continue training and go to school longer, you could have a successful career abroad as a doctor or nurse.

If you want to make a difference, working in the medical field overseas can be a great option.

  1. Truck Driver

Believe it or not, there is a shortage of truck drivers on a global scale. In the United States, it was recently published that there is a shortage of about 50,000 truckers on the road. That doesn’t just affect America, but the world.

Businesses are booming and creating goods at a rapid pace. Whether it’s food, electronics, toys, or clothes, manufacturing companies are eager to develop as many products as possible and ship them all over the world. That’s where the problem comes in: There are too many products, and not enough truck drivers to ship them.

Being a truck driver in a foreign country is the same as in the U.S. You need to learn the driving requirements of whatever country you choose to work in, as well as the rules of the company you work for. Other than that, truck driving can be an excellent job for someone who likes to work independently. Plus, you can make upwards of $80,000 each year. If you have a commercial license already or are in training for one, you may want to consider a job abroad.

It is important to note that this is one of the jobs that are at risk due to automation, but that is likely to be many years away.

  1. Digital Marketing Professional

Technology has made it easier for companies to let their employees work from anywhere. It’s also opened up the door for people to venture out on their own and work in freelance positions. One of the best examples that could fit both of these situations is a digital marketing professional.

A digital marketer’s job is to do everything from monitoring social media and launching campaigns to blogging and writing newsletters. They want to market a particular company online using social platforms.

As a digital marketer, you can choose to work for a specific company. Everyone from huge corporations to small businesses use digital marketers to promote their agenda. Because most of the work of a digital marketing professional is done online, it can be done from anywhere. You can also choose to work on your own as a freelancer. In this case, you might end up working for many different companies. They’ll become your clients.

The best part of this job is not only can you work overseas, to begin with, but you can continue to travel wherever you’d like. As long as you have a computer with you to do your work as needed, a digital marketer’s job can be done from almost anywhere. It’s a great way to build up a client base in the United States, or even start marketing for foreign companies who aren’t used to that kind of advertising yet. The more clients you can build up, the more independent you can become.

Careers where you get to work overseas

  1. Web Developer

The need for web developers is expected to continue to grow significantly for the next several years. Simply put, web developers create websites for different companies. It’s a great option for freelancers. New businesses are being put in motion all the time. In today’s world, if a business doesn’t have a great website, they can easily be ignored, and it can cause the business to suffer.

Even existing businesses need great websites. They need to be continuously updated and monitored to stay competitive. More prominent technology corporations like Apple and Microsoft have many web developers on staff. They’re some of the most notable companies that allow their developers to work remotely.

Whether you choose to work for a specific company or on your own, this is a job that won’t slow down anytime soon. As long as you have the skill for it, you can be a web developer almost anywhere. In fact, you may benefit even more from finding a job abroad. Depending on where you go, many companies may not have the resources for a quality website. You can create a successful business for yourself working with companies like these in different countries.

  1. Graphic Designer

If you have a knack for Photoshop and an eye for art, you could be a successful graphic designer no matter where you are. This is an interesting position because it’s in high demand but also extremely competitive. Businesses all over the world hire graphic designers to help them stand out. But, it’s crucial for these businesses to work with the best in that particular field.

So, while schooling or training isn’t always needed for someone to be a graphic designer, you have to make sure you’re skilled at what you do. You’ll need to build a portfolio that stands out just as much as any business might want to. If you’re able to do that and build up a steady client base, you could have great success in the U.S. and abroad.

Graphic design covers many different platforms. You could be designing art for a website one day and working on a printable flyer or brochure the next day. So, make sure you’re skilled in different areas of art and design before trying to build a client base of your own. Design opportunities are showing up faster than ever before. If you have the talent and the desire to fill these positions, now is the time to take action on being a graphic designer.

What Are the Best High-Paying Jobs Abroad?

We hope this list has been helpful if you’ve been considering working overseas. Many of these are job opportunities abroad without experience. You don’t necessarily need to go to school for years and years to be successful in an overseas job. Many of them are also in high-demand, so you may be more likely to find work overseas than in the United States.

If you work for a company who is trying to expand their reach overseas, you may be able to find a job abroad with accommodations. Working for a company who wants to send you to a different country can come with a lot of perks.

Or, if you have the travel bug and want to see the world, there are many opportunities for you, too. If you have a skill that can translate into a freelance job, you can work almost anywhere and find success. These positions are ideal for people who want to travel a lot. Whether you work for a company or yourself, there are plenty of ways to find success overseas.